E-mail platform

The E-mail platform is the most common way of gathering feedback from your clients or/and colleagues.
Survey email can be configured and sent out directly from your Survease Account. For your and your client’s convenience, the first question is added automatically so that it may be answered fast and conveniently directly from the email using any email-reading capable device.

Setup of the email platform

To set up an email survey click Surveys from the side menu

And then in the top right corner

More information on how to setup your new survey and be found in Survey Create and Customization.

Testing the email platform

The best way to test the email platform is to send a test survey invitation to yourself. This does not affect your survey analytics.

Sending a Test email:

  1. Go to the Surveys list page
  2. Choose your desired survey and click in the Action Dropdown “Edit”
  3. In the customization form scroll down to the Email Template and under the WYSIWYG editor click
  4. You should receive an example of the invitation email shortly. Clicking a score in the email does not affect your survey as the unique tokens are “dummy” data.