How to send email invitations?

First, select the survey you would like to gather feedback for

You can find this page under Survey > Sending invitation

You can then choose how you would like to add the contacts. Currently there’re two possibilities:
* Simple


Add the contact details, choose the language if your survey supports more than one locale.

  • First name – your clients first name
  • Last name – your clients last name
  • Email – your clients email which will receive the invitation
  • Language – you can optionally select a different locale for this invitation if your survey supports more than one locale. Your client will be able to change the language if he wants during the survey process. NB! Your survey must support that locale, otherwise only one language (the default one) is available.
  • Date – optionally you can define the invitation date for this contact instead of using the date when the invitation was sent. For example in case of a hotel booking, this date can be the check-in date, so that later on you can filter the responses based on the check-in date, instead of the date the invitation was sent.
  • Tags – additional optional tags to help group and analyze the gathered feedback.

Click + to add the contact to the list

Add more invitations if would like and click

To finish