Add additional users to account

The number of users per account is limited by the price package you use. For more details on limits click here
If you’ve reached the maximum number of available users for your account, the Add User button will not be available to you.

Each user uses their own login, password, and email.
Permissions are limited for a staff user. They will not be able to manage surveys, reports, modify account information. For a full list of user permissions. Check the permissions page.

Adding new user:

1. Open Settings > Company staff
2. Click Add User

3. Fill in the opened popup:

a. Email – email address of new user
b. Confirm Email – repeat the email address to confirm
c. First name – First name of the new user
d. Last name – Last name of the new user
e. Position – employee position (optional)

4. Click Add when you’re finished

The new user will receive an email with instructions to complete the registration.